Justin Todd, Pastor

 I love Jesus. He consumes my life, my desires, my passions, my wants, all of my obsessions, and everything that I live for. In the end all I endeavor or undertake is to bring me closer to this man so that I may be with Him forever.

Lynda Wynn Aitken - Worship Leader

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Lynda is from Dothan, Alabama, born and raised in a pastor’s home. Her father Dr. G.L. Wynn was a powerful preacher of the Gospel for over 45 years. Lynda accepted the Lord as her personal savior December 3, 1974 at Ewell Bible Baptist Church. Lynda has studied piano since age 9 winning many awards and music festivals. She began playing for church at age 12. She went on to major in Music with Piano Proficiency at Tennessee Temple University.

Since then Lynda has been a church accompanist for over 30 years serving at several churches in the Dothan and Montgomery area. She has also taught award winning elementary and high school choirs, as well as directed numerous plays for her high school theater class which resulted in her students winning many local and state competitions.

Lynda has taught piano for over 35 years and is currently teaching at Trinity Presbyterian School where she also accompanies chapel services and all lower school events. Lynda has several students playing for local groups such as “One Voice” and “Rock Solid”. Also many of her students are playing for their church youth groups. Lynda has former students serving in Music Ministries throughout the United States.

Lynda and husband Patrick (drummer & percussionist) have been serving together in the Music Ministry for over 25 years. It is their desire to be effectively used by God and to serve and praise Him with song. Lynda’s favorite Bible verse is Psalm 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in Him, and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise Him.”

Lynda’s email address is trinitypiano@gmail.com.

Patrick Aitken - Missions and Outreach Director

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I was born and raised in Montgomery. My father and 2 older brothers were drummers. At age 8 I received my first pair of drum sticks and followed in the footsteps of my siblings. I was section leader of the drumline for 4 out of 6 years of band during my jr. high and high school years. Our youngest son Zack who is also an accomplished musician and was section leader of his high school drumline and played drums for his church youth group. I have taught and mentored several young drummers who have gone onto to serve in the music ministry later on.

I accepted Jesus as my savior in 1972. I have been serving the Lord in the music ministry for about 30 years playing drums in several churches in the area. I am married to my best friend Lynda and we have served together as church musicians for over 25 years. We have 4 children and 1 grandson.

Besides music I enjoy photography, reading, camping, hiking, canoeing and ancestry research.

I was asked once “Why the homeless?” Good question. From 1993-2012 I held a position with a computer company. I enjoyed my work. I enjoyed my friendships formed there. During this same time my wife and I were involved in the music ministry for many years, bringing our children up in church and life was good. Then in 2012 after nearly 20 years of employment with the same computer firm there was a massive layoff, I was one of them. Within 3 weeks I obtained the same position with a large electrical company who had been in business for 50 years. “God is good.” After a year this company shut its doors. So in 2013 I am looking for work again. I apply at numerous businesses for positions that I know I am qualified for. But every time the door is closed. I pick up part time work from time to time to help make ends meet. Now I am crying out to God “Why have you not answered my prayers?”  In 2014 God was stirring my heart and it was made clear that it was time to move on to another church. Under God’s direction, I first visited River City Church on March 30th 2014. I have never been anywhere else since then. From that day I was introduced to and learned of the homeless population in our city. Now they have always been there but I never took the time to notice. It wasn’t until God through the course of several job losses, had humbled me to the point that my pride was cast aside and I knelt before Him and asked Him to guide my path and to use me for His glory. In all my years of music ministry I had thought I was doing a good job and my musical service was enough for the Kingdom. God had other plans. On that faithful day at River City Church in 2014, I had my Road to Damascus moment and then God opened my eyes to the invisible homeless population of Montgomery. God had broken my heart for what breaks His.

I have been asked what is my vision for the Outreach Ministry of River City Church? It is simple, “Churches that become passionate about people outside their walls will be far more effective than churches that are only passionate about keeping the few people they have inside their walls.” ~ Carey Nieuwhof. It is my personal mission to take the Steeple to the Streets. I feel we are being called to be more of the hands and feet of Christ in our community. Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer said "The Church is the Church only when it exists for others." My vision for River City Church is to be a relevant church. A relevant church reaches out to the Least, the Last and the Lost.  Proverbs 31:8-9 "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute."

If interested in being the hands and feet of Christ and serving with us in the downtown community (I like to call it getting your faith dirty) then please feel free to contact me. There is always room at the table, come as you are.

My Favorite Song: “Redeemed” by Big Daddy Weave.

Favorite bible verse:  Matthew 5:15-16  “Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house.  Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.


Favorite saying: The ground is level at the foot of the Cross.

#HomelessLivesMatter  #HomelessNotHopeless  #HousingNotHandcuffs.

Patrick's email address is RiverCityMissions@gmail.com.

Debbie Gaddy, Office Manager