River City Church
Sanctuary from Balcony
Stained Glass at Top of Stairs
Stained Glass Close-Up
Stained Glass in Sanctuary
Stained Glass in Sanctuary
Stained Glass in Sanctuary

For over a century, Dexter Avenue United Methodist Church has stood in the heart of Montgomery, Alabama, as a Christian witness to the love of God. In terms of continuous ministry to its community, it is Montgomery’s senior Methodist Church. Its location on Montgomery’s principal avenue places it between the state government buildings and the heart of a significant business district. The residential areas of the city have shifted to the east side of town, and for various reasons, the church was not able to establish an identity and cast an attractive vision to the local community, which led a once thriving congregation to decline. The small remnant of a congregation which remains faithful in attendance and service, has been galvanized by the struggles of the past and is hopeful for the future. There are many difficult challenges which lie ahead and will take nothing less than God’s blessings mixed with a lot of hard work and dedication to forge a new future.


Recently, with the overall revitalization of downtown, Dexter Avenue United Methodist Church stood at the threshold of a resurgence of its own. Thus, the decision was made in 2011 by the members and the Conference of the United Methodist Church to “re-start” the church, giving it a new identity and a new name, River City Church, announced in October 2012.


River City Church is a downtown church situated in an urban setting with members who come from all walks of life, and offers unique opportunities for wonderful fellowship and Christian service. While River City is United Methodist in polity and doctrine, people of all denominational backgrounds have attended and felt at home in our fellowship. River City has a well-earned reputation for being a friendly and active church body for our local community and God’s universal church. The life and ministries of River City are aimed at reaching out to meet the human need for spiritual development and discipleship. Our goal is to nurture one another in Christian love and to extend this love outward to bring Christ’s hope to all the world.


River City Church is filled with an amazing group of loving, talented, spirit-filled Christians whom God has brought together for a special purpose.  At River City, we believe that “Sharing Jesus Christ from the Heart of Montgomery” allows our Christian faith to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Our ministry programs and services are designed to bring inner peace in a chaotic and uncertain world. As a church, we seek to live out our worship and faith full of the love and joy that is found in Jesus Christ.